eXplosive Dinosaurs is a party game with +40 FRIENDSHIP-DESTROYER COMPETITIVE MINIGAMES, up to 4 players.

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Quick data:

– Developer: RAWR Lab

– Publisher: Flynn’s Arcade

– Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Android TV and OUYA

– Release date: July 16th 2020 (for Nintendo Switch, previous version already released in the other platforms).

– Price: $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.99

– Languages: English.

– Age rating: PEGI Everyone.

– Press contact: [email protected][2]

About us:

eXplosive Dinosaurs is a game developed by RAWR Lab, a small indie studio from Valencia, Spain. This is their first commercial attempt, but their members already developed a few games before and released them for free under open source licenses, published in their website: www.pixjuegos.com[3].

About the game:

eXplosive Dinosaurs is a party game, but not a casual or easy one: It is meant to be played by midcore/hardcore competitive players!

Starred by 4 colorful dinosaurs that are always exploding while trying to prove that they’re the best winning all kind of minigames.

Expect minigames of all kinds: from action ones, puzzles or even a mini-RPG!

Some of the minigames’ descriptions:

– “Hack every PC’s password” – Prehistoric hackers

– “Stomp on your rivals’ heads” – Headbang

– “Click the right download button or you’ll get a virus” – Download or virus


– More than 40 minigames, up to 4 players, designed for midcore and hardcore players!

– Prehistory mode (1-4 players): Go through dinosaur epochs discovering and unlocking new minigames!

– Crazy arcade mode: an almost-impossible single-player challenge!

– Team mode (2VS2): One player has to win the minigame, while the other sabotages the opposing team.

– Lots of social fun and a few memes.  

– Kit to create or edit minigames:  http://mdk.explosivedinosaurs.com/[4]  

– More minigames will be added for free in the future! 🙂


– Social: Twitter[5]

– Nintendo Switch Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbDJV61sm1w[6]  

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